Mayhem 2022: Dark Glasses

Thu 13 October 22:00

Broadway Cinema Nottingham
Broadway Cinema
14-16 Broad Street
0115 952 6611

Mayhem 2022: Dark Glasses at Broadway Cinema 135

A chance to see the maestro of horror’s latest film (and first after a decade) up on the big screen. Ilenia Pastorelli (Jeeg Robot) plays a sex worker, blinded in an accident that leaves her responsible for an orphaned Chinese boy and teaming up to survive the serial killer hunting them down. This is a lean, mean, stripped-back giallo with a pounding electronic score from Arnaud Rebotini.

Screening as part of Mayhem Film Festival 2022 - four days of horror, sci-fi and cult cinema, with previews, guests and special live events.

Mayhem 2022: Dark Glasses

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