Queer Diary

Fri 16 June 19:30 - 22:00

Nonsuch Studios
92 Lower Parliament Street

Queer Diary at Nonsuch Studios 5435

Would You Read Your Teenage Diary Aloud To A Room Full Of People?
"It's like that 'Mortified' podcast, but all Queer!!"

A brave group of LGBTQIA+ adults are doing just that at Queer Diary - the night where queers share our teen angst (and joy, dreams, follies, and fabulousness).

We can't promise to reunite you with your first crush, but we do aim to reignite that rush of adrenaline you got when they first noticed you!

Join our friendly queer crowd for a night of old diary entries, long-lost love-letters, fabulous fan-fiction stories, terrible tumblr posts, and possibly the odd bit of cringey poetry 🌈📖

Got something from your teens to share? Queer Diary is an open-mic event, where you'll be very welcome to get up and share ANYTHING you wrote in your youth!

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Past attendees said:

"Very welcoming to all identities.”

"I felt if I met everyone in school, they'd be my friends."

"It'll prove you weren't as weird as you thought you were - or that we're all as weird as each other.”

"A joy to be a part of."

See you at Queer Diary!

Queer Diary

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