Rambert: Summer Live Stream

Thu 15 July - Sat 17 July 10.00-25.00

Rambert: Summer Live Stream at Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall 868

Age Guidance: 12A
The van Opstal’s piece may not be suitable for unaccompanied children under 12. The piece confronts questions around body image and the dancers perform dressed in silicon “nude suits” (minus visible genitalia), giving the impression of nudity while being fully covered.
Streamed live from Rambert Home Studio, performances must be viewed at the advertised start time.

Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal
Marion Motin’s Rouge

Siblings Marne van Opstal and Imre van Opstal (company dancers NDT, Batsheva) are among the hottest up-and-coming new choreographers on the scene. Rambert is always looking for exciting new voices, so we’ve invited them to unleash their fresh creative force on our dancers.

Marion Motin’s choreography for Dua Lipa (IDGAF) and Christine and the Queens (Christine, Tilted) has a quirky hip hop vibe. Rouge is what happened when we invited pop’s coolest choreographer to work with Rambert’s daring dancers. Now she’s back in the studio re-making Rouge with a new cinematographic twist.

Rambert: Summer Live Stream

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