The Art Of Clown: Masterclass

Sat 4 February - Sun 5 February 10:00 - 17:00

Nonsuch Studios
92 Lower Parliament Street

The Art Of Clown: Masterclass at Nonsuch Studios 5435

The Art of Clowning is much more than putting on ill-fitting colourful clothes, a red nose and storming out the door being a buffoon.

The Art of Clown is intricate, precise, highly skilful and surprisingly directive.

The clown is a mirror that reflects the truth of human condition. The clown represents our hopes, dreams, fears, and virtues, our flaws and our process. Clowns show us how we get into trouble and out of them in the most sublime and creative manners. Clowning isn’t something we need to learn so much as something we become aware of in ourselves. 

We will not be developing a new character, but discovering a version of ourselves in the most ludic state.

In this masterclass we will explore the acceptance of the ridicule and understand that personal characteristics perceived as defects will be our clowns most valuable qualities. We will celebrate authenticity and find comedy amongst our play.


“The Clown is the “puer aeternus”, the eternal child in all of us- the innocent who sees things as they really are and not as convention decrees, who can be counted on to tell us, in the loudest possible voice, that the emperor’s not wearing any clothes. It is the part of us that has never grown up, that lives in the heart and in the moment, with no past to regret and future to dread- the part that only wants to play, completely free of responsibility – and yet is willing and able to save the world if necessary.” JAN HENDERSON on The art and philosophy of clowning


The techniques explored in the masterclass will allow students to develop a genuine, authentic clown that is able to truthfully evoke audience’s emotions, be it laughter, or cry. Sounds complex, and even intimidating, but the good news are: we are our clowns already, they live inside us and are just waiting to be awaken. The process of finding our clowns is one of the most liberating, fun and electrifying experiences one can have. After all, it is about connecting with our inner child.


- To understand and exercise the notions and basic principles of comedy.
- To connect with our ludic state, finding our unique and authentic clowns through
play, games, exercises and explorations.
- To learn and develop key techniques behind effective comic performance
-To let go of any fear of the ridicule, understanding that our differences are not flaws
but qualities that make us unique and authentic, therefore eccentric and potentially
- To learn how to look at the world with fresh eyes and capture the humour of our

The Art Of Clown: Masterclass

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