Verständnis (Understanding)

Mon 5 December 19:30 - 22:00
12.00 tickets

Nonsuch Studios
92 Lower Parliament Street

Verständnis (Understanding) at Nonsuch Studios 5435

Dan Scott’s moving new play, Verständnis (Understanding), is about feeling 'in-between' and about the importance of understanding one another. It reflects the experiences of so many individuals who have at some point felt ‘other’.
Nick is a half-German, half-British teenager who moves to Coventry after being raised in Cologne - his paternal grandparents are in Birmingham, his mother longs for Europe. Against the backdrop of a failing marriage, we witness his confusion of figuring out where home is. This leads to a poignant discovery of a sense of place, and a sense of self.

This fresh new production is directed by award-winning South African-British theatre-maker, Greg Homann. It is performed in a dynamic direct-to-audience storytelling style mixing English and German with English subtitles. Over 100 illustrations aid the fast-paced storytelling form, "the experience is like watching a graphic novel for the stage!"

Verständnis (Understanding)

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