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Introducing LSjatDS Studio

In LSjatDS Studio (pronounced L Sjat D S Studio) you will discover unique pieces of clothes, accessories, homeware, artistic ceramics all made within the philosophy of playing with colours, mixing humour with elegance, old with new, creating lines and stories.

Sneinton Market plays host to an abundance of creative businesses. With studios, retailers, cafes, and bars, this space provides a mix- and- match- style morning or afternoon out. There is a great vibe that encourages you to slow down and enjoy the moment. We spoke with one of the market’s tenants, Signe, a fashion designer from Copenhagen who has a studio here.


Signe -  LSjatDS Studio

Signe - LSjatDS Studio

Can you tell us a little about your background?

"Growing up in Copenhagen is where my interest in fashion started with second-hand shopping and making redesign from when I was a young teenager in the late 1990s. I was very fascinated and interested in the history of fashion, in the connection between history and changes in society. My dream was to have a department store with a mix of vintage clothes, redesign and my own designs where on each product would be a description with the history of the item. Storytelling is still today a big part of my brand identity. My dad is a historian and had a museum for reminiscence in his work for helping people with dementia. So in an early age I started loving vintage stuff and especially old toys which again have been an inspiration for my work.

From redesign I started to make my own items with patterns made from existing clothes copied straight onto backing paper on the floor, with no knowledge of pattern construction. Then I got my first dummy and I started draping my ideas direct on the dummy.

The name LSJATDS STUDIO comes from a blue cat figure I once had, I called this le chat bleu (the blue cat in French). It has then changed a bit over the years. Chat have become Sjat, and the big SDS is the initials of my full name." 


How did you come to start and/or own your business?

"I opened my first shop in 2009 in Denmark together with 4 friends I was studying with, who like me also dreamed about a shop and a studio where we could work, hang out, make events, being creative and sell our creations. It was at Vesterbro in Copenhagen and we ran this together during our education. It was an amazing time. Vesterbro is a very hip and creative part of Copenhagen and a bit underground/upcoming at this time. We took part in different events such as the street and music festival Distortion, holding live music and fashion shows down the street." 


How do you/who chooses the products?

"A very good question and almost impossible for me to answer, it’s easier for me to describe my philosophy. I can be a bit like a moth constantly changing direction and my creativity goes in many directions. I do not work with a certain season/year or target group in mind which maybe is why my customers are very different. What they do have in common is that they like my universe and are looking for something different which they cannot obtain elsewhere. I am a slow fashion brand and do not believe in a best before label and many of my products are unisex." 


Tell us in detail about your favourite products? Why are they your favourite? 

"The elephant shirt. The elephant trunk is designed onto one of the shirts sleeves so when you move your arm the elephant trunk moves too. So, for example if you have a drink, it looks like it is the elephant trunk lifting your glass. What I especially like with these shirts is at first look you maybe do not notice it is an elephant. 

Cushion with leather application, closed with handmade covered buttons on rear. These have been a part of my product range for many years. I love working in wool materials, the colours and structure combined with (re-used) leather gives this special tactile contrast. I stitch the leather on and build up a picture, often birds, and like to give the birds some kind of personality or create a story between them." 


What does your ideal day out in Nottingham look like? 

"My ideal day in Nottingham would involve a picnic and end with a night out. So, in detail would look like leaving home with beers from the Black Iris Brewery and picnic blanket, with my boyfriend and if ideal, friends and family also with me. On the way a big caramel doughnut from Doughnotts." 

Window shopping at Tokenhouse (I love toys, prefer vintage but new toys can also do). See if there are any good finds in one of the many charity shops around Goose Gate. Then head to the lakes where I would swim and have picnic.

In the evening head back to town, go to the Angel and The Bodega before a party at Primary, where I would dance the night away to Nottingham based DJ Big Sexy. That would be a really good day and of course the sun would be shining!"


Want to stay up to date with all the latest from LSjatDS Studio? Here's all their social media pages for you to follow + useful contact details. 



Sneinton Market, Unit 34 Avenue C, NG1 1DW, Nottingham

07853 824009

Instagram: lsjatdsstudio_
facebook: Lsjatds Studio

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