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The Nottingham Open Spaces Forum is launching an ambitious 100+ year project: Sherwood Forest – The People’s Forest

Re-connecting Nottingham City and the Shire with the iconic Sherwood Forest. Donate or fundraise for this appeal.

Led by Nottingham Open Spaces Forum (NOSF) Trustee, Sarah Manton and, of course, Nottingham's own Robin Hood for the 21st Century, Ezekial Bone, using the iconic Oak and other tree species native to Sherwood Forest to grow saplings. These will be planted as a spiral of ‘Minor Oaks’ in parks, school grounds and other open spaces from the city centre out into the county, joining the heart of Nottingham to the oaken heart of Sherwood Forest. These oaks will be a trigger for building copses, community gardens and forest schools, creating a mix of habitats for nature to survive and wildlife to thrive. Our ambition is for this project to underpin the teaching of environmental and rural skills in all our schools as the legacy of Sherwood Forest for hundreds of years to come.

The People's Forest project will become a reality by working together with schools, colleges, the universities, community groups, and the considerable number of ‘friends’ groups of our parks and open spaces. We will also work with key organisations such Nottinghamshire City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council, The RSPB, The Sherwood Forest Trust, The Woodland Trust, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Earth and private land owners. A number of these bodies have already been involved in early discussions - thanks to all of you for your support so far!

We are looking for your support with funding and sponsorship for The People's Forest project and we have hit the ground running!

the planting of three mature oak trees in Woodthorpe Grange Park on Tree Charter Day, Saturday, 30 November 2019 - everyone involved should sign up to The Woodland Trust's #BigClimateFightback pledge!

Robin Hood will launch the scheme to schools and other groups either in person or by the provision of a short film.

We will develop a full presentation to engage those organisations with either part ownership or specific interest in Sherwood Forest.

We will develop a package to be delivered to Community groups and into schools with resources to ensure that teachers can dovetail the project easily into their curriculum in a variety of ways.

And our thanks to the Hockley Hustle - £1000 donated to The People's Forest For more information, visit:

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