How you can help

Help Nottingham become greener with these easy steps.

We wanted to share some small, manageable steps that you can take to ensure that you are doing your bit towards a better, greener future. These will instantly help you balance out your own carbon emissions.



· Walk, bike or use public transport to get to get around

· Share car journeys with friends or family when using a car is needed

· Join a car club instead of buying a new car



· Try meat free Mondays, just reducing meat and dairy can have a big impact on emissions

· Reduce the amount of single use plastic in your home (food packaging and toiletries are the main culprits here) Check out city centre zero waste store Shop Zero

· Buy second hand clothes and houseware



· Switch off lights and electrical items that aren’t in use

· Look into installing renewable energy such as solar

· Find out if your house has wall/loft insulation, or double glazing by looking at your Energy Performance Certificate online


Waste and Water

· Keep showers to under five minutes (try playing two of your favourite songs and use those as a timer...Bohemian Rhapsody is not an option!)

· Reuse items and sell unwanted goods, instead of throwing them away

· Buy a reusable bottle and take advantage of #Refill stations across the city



· Plant pollinator friendly plants in your garden and local green spaces

· Switch to bio friendly cleaning products

· Make your garden accessible to nature with hedgehog paths, animals shelters and insect homes



· Go paperless at home and/or at the office

· Ask about the sustainability policy where you work and encourage more action

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