Talking Shop | Shopping In Nottingham

We sit down with some of Nottingham's awesome independent business owners to talk shop!

Episode #8 - The Angel Microbrewery

In this episode of talking shop we get to chat with Ben from The Angel Microbrewery in Hockley. Ben talks us through the businesses beginnings, his passion for Nottingham's independent music scene and what The Angel has in store for the future.  

Episode #7 - Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate

Let's talk chocolate! This week we're chatting with Luisa's Vegan Chocolates about the chocolate creation process and her efforts to support female coco farmers.

Episode #6 - The Bead Shop

Episode 6 of Talking Shop is here! In this episode we get to know Hana from The Bead Shop. Hana talks us through the shops origin story as well as what it's been like teaching their creative workshops online. 

Episode #5 - Beauty Temple

We're kicking off the week with a brand new episode of Talking Shop! In this episode we're talking beauty with the wonderfully talented Robbie from Beauty Temple

Episode #4 - Stewarts of Trent Bridge Coffee Roasters

Episode 4 of talking shop has arrived and this week we're talking all things coffee with Mark from Stewarts of Trent Bridge Coffee Roasters. Look out for a 20% off code in this week's video! 

Episode #3 - Dizzy Ink

Here's the third episode of our web series. This week we're talking shop with Ben from Dizzy Ink. Enjoy!

Episode #2 - Stick & Ribbon

The second episode of our new web TV series, made with our friends at LeftLion. Watch the second episode with Sally from Stick and Ribbon.

Episode # 1 - Shop Zero

Welcome to the premiere of our new new web TV series in isolation, with our friends at LeftLion. Watch the first episode with Sarah Maloy from Shop Zero now.

Nottingham Independent Stores | Shopping In Nottingham

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