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The best burgers in Nottingham


Oozy cheese and stacks of patties. There's something really very primal about a good burger, especially when paired with your cold drink of choice. Here’s ten where you'll find the best burgers in Nottingham...

Posted: Apr 2023


Annie’s Burger Shack

Starting with a classic, Annie’s Burger Shack in the Lace Market is synonymous with the Nottingham burger scene. First opening in 2009, it’s now a staple place to buy burgers. With everything on the menu having a vegan or vegetarian counterpart, it’s a spot you can bring anyone you know, regardless of their dietary requirements. (There's even a 'gluten minimal' menu, although - like many restaurants - Annie's note that the kitchen isn't gluten free). Most well-known for its quirky flavours, including the Elvis burger (a peanut butter and jelly combo), it’s the ideal place for those who are a little adventurous.

5 Broadway, Nottingham NG1 1PR

Fat Hippo

Stationed just outside Broadway cinema, Fat Hippo’s Broad Street restaurant has been widely celebrated by the city's burger fans. Self-described as ‘good old fashioned roll up your sleeves and get it all over your face food’, the Fat Hippo burgers are exactly what you think of when you imagine a sloppy delicious stack. Serving beef, chicken and vegan options, there’s plenty to choose from, plus a plentiful selection of dirty fries are also available.

9 Broad St, Nottingham NG1 3AJ

Five Guys

A burger and milkshake is the ultimate combo for those wanting to get the full experience, and there’s nobody that does it better than Five Guys, located in the Market Square. Including flavours like Oreo, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and Lotus Biscoff, you have your choice when it comes to shakes, and the American-style patties are never a miss. And to make things even better, all extra toppings are free. Five Guys now also offer gift cards, so you can treat someone who’s yet to experience one of these burgers!

35 Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DR

Red Dog

Inspired by Austin Texas barbeque, Red Dog Saloon is the place for those wanting a really meaty burger (alongside hot wings and classic barbeque meat). Served either with fries or onion rings, Red Dog has a wide selection of burgers, ranging from the classic cheeseburger, all the way to ‘The Devastator.’ Prepared with three thirty-day dry-aged patties, marrow butter, 100g of chopped pork and applewood smoked bacon, that one sounds like a challenge.

20-22 Victoria St, Nottingham NG1 2EX

Bohns Best Burgers

With a name like this, how could we not include them in the list? And it’s true too, with locally sourced beef in brioche buns, Bohns really are some of the best burgers that you’ll come across, as shown by the ‘best burger bar’ prize that they recently received from Food Awards England. Offering chicken, beef, veggie or vegan, there’s a whole selection of choice for you burger lovers, alongside a kids meal option for only £5.50. Located on Broad Street, right in the middle of the creative quarter, just head downstairs under BrewDog to find this delicious burger spot.

20-22 Broad St, Nottingham NG1 3AL

Boo Burgers

Stationed in Trinity Square, Boo Burgers is an American-inspired burger restaurant with a twist - they’re open for breakfast and coffee too. New to Nottingham, as of May 2022, you can expect handcrafted breakfast brioche rolls, a selection of breakfast shakes and a range of hot and cold coffees if you arrive before 11am. Or, if you’re really in the mood for a burger, then don’t worry, they still have plenty of those, ranging from plant-based and halloumi heavy, all the way to the ‘Big Boo’ featuring delicious Angus beef. An affordable choice, the biggest burger clocks in under £10.

10 Trinity Sq, Nottingham NG1 4AF

Ohannes Burgers

With multiple locations across Nottingham, Ohannes is an increasingly popular burger joint that prides themselves on their high-quality ingredients. Cooking their burgers on BBQ-style grills, you can expect a rich smoky taste to the meat and a large selection of toppings whether you choose beef or chicken. Or, if you’re feeling meat-free, why not try the jackfruit or halloumi burger? All served with freshly made sauces, and with the option for sides including cauliflower bites and party fries, we love Ohannes.

61 Long Row W, Nottingham NG1 6JE

The Blind Rabbit

Fancy a burger al fresco? Alongside a delicious range of cocktails and beers? Well, thankfully The Blind Rabbit has a large outdoor space for you to enjoy all of the above. But really, we’d be sold on the burgers alone, with a wide range of sloppily delicious burgers including the ‘Baby Yoda’ ‘Bojack Horseman’ and ‘Stranger Things,’ which, alongside having cute names are absolutely mouth-wateringly good. Also serving a selection of wings and loaded fries, there’s enough to keep everyone happy.

9 Weekday Cross, Nottingham NG1 2GB


We know this one’s a bit obvious, but with all the recent fuss about the McPlant burger, we had to give the faithful McDonald’s a mention. If you’re just after a quick cheap burger on the move then this famous fast food joint is a staple for a reason. Whether the simple 99p cheeseburger or the newly(ish) released McPlant, made with the highly respected Beyond Meat patties, you can’t go far wrong with McDonald’s.

31/35 Clumber St, Nottingham NG1 3ED
Victoria Centre, R6, Milton St, Nottingham NG1 3QN
7 Angel Row, Nottingham NG1 6HL

Burger King

And last but certainly not least, the king of burgers themselves, why not grab a lunchtime burger from Exchange Walk’s Burger King? First founded in Florida, the hamburger chain quickly reached the UK in the 1970s and we’ve been hooked ever since. The Whopper, The Chicken Royale, The Bacon and Cheese Crispy Chicken. You know the drill, they’ve got it all including plant-based and vegan options too!

I, Exchange Walk, Nottingham NG1 2NX

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