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Introduce an indie - The Tokenhouse


A spotlight on the fabulous Nottingham Independents, who make our city unique.

Posted: Aug 2023

A family-run gift shop, The Tokenhouse, located on St. Peter's Gate is celebrating 50 years and is a favourite among Nottingham residents and visitors.

It’s the perfect place to pick up that special gift for a loved one from the vast selection of cards and gift wrap – it could be your one-stop destination for every occasion! The charm of the shop is heightened at Christmas as it oozes a quintessential English allure, however, we recommend visiting The Tokenhouse all year round as there’s plenty to browse!

Holly now looks after The Tokenhouse, which was started by her parents, Geoff and Dizz, in 1973 with a small loan from Holly’s grandad. Her parents met at art school in Nottingham and Holly’s mum wanted a shop. It was more crafty then with handmade jewellery, cards and restored antiques and furniture by her dad.

Holly now does a lot of the buying, picking the finest handmade jewellery and Nottingham artists’ cards. They also sell all sorts of wacky and wonderful items from over 300 suppliers whom they have been buying from since they started. The well-loved Gisela Graham Christmas decorations and Jellycat toys for instance.

Holly loves seeing her customers find new things in The Tokenhouse that make them smile and don’t cost the earth.

Did you know?

The name The Tokenhouse came to be because of its original location on Tokenhouse Yard and the idea behind the shop; A house of tokens. “A token is a tangible representation of a feeling. - A token of my affection.”  - Holly’s Grandad.

Paul Smith was also starting out in the 1970s on Byard Lane – just around the corner from The Tokenhouse – he painted his signature on a wall in the back of the original Tokenhouse shop.

The Tokenhouse 4-6 St Peter's Gate, Nottingham NG1 2JG

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