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Introducing the brand new Nottingham Ale Trails for 2021. This year we have named each trail after a well known friend or foe of Nottingham's favourite outlaw...Robin Hood!

King John

This trail is named in honour of the King of England from 1199-1216. It starts at a patriotically named pub on Mansfield Road and takes you down through the city’s Royal Quarter.


Friar Tuck

Named after the boozy, religious and rotund Merry Man. This trail takes in a venue that was once a chapel and several others named after other great historical Nottingham figures.

Maid Marian

The heroine of the Robin Hood legend and often taken to be Robin’s lover. This crawl starts off on Derby Road and ends at one of the country’s oldest pubs, situated on the road named after her.


Important information for this trail:

Due to a delayed reopening date, Hand & Hart will no longer be taking part on the Maid Marian Trail. Royal Children will replace Hand & Heart on the trail for the remainder of the Nottingham Ale Trail event. 

We apologise for any inconvenience.


Named after the bad guy of the Robin Hood legend. This trail starts out near Nottingham Castle, the Sheriff’s old home. It goes past the statue of his arch-enemy, then down towards a canalside escape.

Will Scarlet

One of Robin’s most trusted fellows who has been played on screen by Christian Slater, Jamie Dornan and Sammy Davis Jr. If he was around today we think Will would quite like the cool Hockley vibes.

Little John

Robin’s oldest friend and often portrayed on screen as being the opposite of ‘Little’. This tour starts on Shakespeare Street, goes down Parliament Street and concludes near Nottingham’s biggest live venue the Motorpoint Arena.




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